This is Chubs(dark cat) and Spot (grey cat). They are both a year old, brother and sister from the same litter, and have never been separated. Chubs is a big softie, likes to play fetch with hair ties, and loves rough back and belly scratches. Spot is needy, who loves sitting in laps and eating. They both love their soft orange blanket and cat scratch post that comes with them. Chubs likes to s...
This is a Mama Cat and Baby Cat - six years old and 4 yrs old. They need to go together if possible. They were my 94yr old father-in-laws cats and he passed away last month. We cannot catch the cats right now because they've been hiding since he passed away so I don't have photos right now. They were never named other than Mama and Baby. Black with white markings - I think the baby has a bob ta...
14-Aug-2018Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Sale
Patch Adams is a love machine--- he just wants petting & to dole out love biscuits. He has a 'black tie' on his chest.
14-Aug-2018Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Sale
Tux is a lovable, friendly guy.
14-Aug-2018Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Sale
Nubby is precious, and has a short, stubby tail. He is explorative & friendly.
14-Aug-2018Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Sale
Mardi Gras is a sheltered bottle baby who lost her siblings (and mom) at the age of 2-3 days old. She's a feisty little girl, but has a slight birth defect /deformity around her hip. However, it doesn't slow her down much. She runs, jumps, plays normally. She's very small for her age, and may always be on the petite side.
Pinchas is from a litter of five kittens. He is cute and playful, and ready for his forever home.
We adopted cookie almost a year ago. He is a fun cat, does not claw furniture and will come with all his toys and litterbox. He gets along well with our dogs and loves morning cuddles. All cuddles are done on his terms. He will let you know when he wants to be left alone. He doesn t like kids. They have never been rough with him. He ignores our oldest, 13. Our youngest is 8, and his favorite ga...
Tovah is a lovable mama to five kittens. Her babies are now weaned and ready for adoption, so Tovah is now ready for her forever home.
8-Aug-2018Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Sale
Muffin was a shy teen and has grown up at the shelter. She's quiet, but friendly, and loves playtime & treats.
8-Aug-2018Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Sale
Sydney is a former mama cat who has plumped up over the past few months at the shelter. Sydney is a brown/red tabby 'saddleback'. She is friendly & affectionate, but shelter life with so many cats gives her a little anxiety. She would be fine with a cat or 2. She has a flea allergy & must have monthly treatment after adoption.
8-Aug-2018Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Sale
Bob, aka Weird Bob, was a scared teen when he came to us, & now he is 1 of our most beloved shelter cats. He's an ambivert, and is very talkative & sociable when he feels like it. He loves to lick people, play with wand toys & laser lights, lap surf. He looks so very elegant, but he's a big goofy kitten in an full grown body.
8-Aug-2018Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Sale
Wheaties is the shelter panther. He is friendly on his terms, somewhat cautious, and will NOT let you pick him up. He enjoys affection when he wants it, is a mellow guy with no aggression issues.
8-Aug-2018Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Sale
Once upon a time, Lola was a dumpster mom with babies. She is now second Laserlight Queen of the shelter. She loves to play in water and sink surf.
8-Aug-2018Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Sale
Farrah is a little aloof and she needs a home where she can feel comfortable to be herself. Her foster mom said she likes sleeping under the covers; she also LOVES treats & playtime.
8-Aug-2018Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Sale
Sasha decided she would be semi-feral, even though her siblings were all very friendly shoulder surfers. She's been at the shelter since she was 2lbs, and will allow you to feed her, but not touch her. She needs a home where she can be who she wants & her personality can be coaxed out by a patient, kind soul. Sasha is a 'toy hog', LOVES to play.
8-Aug-2018Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Sale
Smokey is the more sociable, dapper 1 of the duo. He loves catnip & Bailey.
8-Aug-2018Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Sale
Bailey is a very mellow guy who is shy with strangers. He welcomes all new cats & kittens into his 'home', and takes extra time with the more scared ones. He met his best friend, Smokey, at the shelter years ago, and they are a bonded pair now.
8-Aug-2018Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Sale
Wilson is a little shy & cautious, but he warms up when you get to know him. He loves kittens and playtime. He sports a tiny black heart on his front paw. He needs a home with someone who will let him adjust at his own pace.
8-Aug-2018Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Sale
Rose is a petite, oler tortie tux. She has chronic sinus issues that require nasal vaccine therapy,and she is a heart worm survivor. (She is currently heart worm negative.) She needs a quiter home with someone who can get her med treatment as she needs it. She sleeps most of the day, and about 7 pm she wakes up & plays a little while, eats, and naps.
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