17-Jan-2019Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Adoption
I m looking to find a loving home for a 17 yr old female cat in Macon, GA. Her owner is relocating to Houston, TX because of his job as a truck driver. She does not travel well and I can t keep her in Houston because of severe cat allergies. Kitty is very precious. She needs to find a loving home by 1/31 so that she won t have to travel. Please help me find her a forever home. Thank you.
Vintage piece of chalk ware, 9 inches tall by 7 wide. Shows it age, but, makes a great door stop.

Kitty cat

26-Nov-2018Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Adoption
She needs shots ,and a good home ..I'm not able to give her the life she deserves at the moment.she is my baby though...she has worms and does need shots ...!!
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7-Jan-2019Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Adoption
Megan is a lap kitty & would prefer not to share it, but she'd be fine with sharing an abode with another cat or two. She loves toys that she can hunt and destroy....
5-Dec-2018Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Adoption
Lola is an unobtrusive black, silver swirled tabby. She likes to do all the regular cat stuff-- eat, play, love, consume treats, but she's very mellow lets the others go 1st. She is a former mama kitty. She is the #2 laser light champion at the she...
3-Dec-2018Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Adoption
Genie is a petite mama kitty born around 10/27/13. She is very sassy and her temperament requires the perfect, understanding person. She hates dogs, period. She has a cute side, and would love for that special person to unlock it permanently. She li...
7-Nov-2018Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Adoption
Meghan is a young full grown who adores people, but not cats, and probably not other pets either. She is a lap kitty and sometimes-shoulder-surfer. She is a gorgeous light brown tabby tux with amber eyes. She still has a handsome deal of 'play' energy.
7-Nov-2018Macon, GA+26 milesCats for Adoption
Winky is a slightly she kitty who often played by herself, until kitten season arrived, and she made friends of all the kittens. She's a wonderful girl, just not completely trusting of strangers. She is more trusting at dinnertime or treats, though. She gets along well with the others, isn't aggressive. She likes doing her own thing.
6-Mar-2018Byron, GA+11 milesFor Sale
Cute way to store cookies or kitty treats!
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